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Chris Gregers Halling (Denmark)

by Zpey # |

Zpey Ambassador Chris Halling is 48 years old and have been fishing since childhood.

From 1994 Chris started flyfishing of the Danish coastal coastlines, where the silver seatrout is his favorite fish.

His season is all year with 80 – 100 fishing days a year.

Apart from this Chris is going to Sweden every year to hunt northern pike on the brakish coats lines in Blekinge.

Also here it is the flyrod, that is used and the yearly trip has become an addiction to Chris.

Also the tropical bonefish has caught the the experienced flyfishermans attention and Chris have hunted the grey ghost of the flats on 5 trips to the Bahamas and Cuba.

The favorite setup for all occasions in Scandinavia is the Zpey Zalt #7 rod.

His all time favorite line is the Zpey minitip shooting head. “This line have made a huge difference in my fishing life.” He says 

Chris doesn’t have a favorite river for fishing.

He is however very active when it comes to protection and restoring the many rivers and small creeks in Denmark.

As chairman of the volunteer organization Vandpleje Fyn and administrator of the Environmental Facebook group Bevar de forhadte vandløb (Preserve the hated rivers), Chris is working not alone to protect and restore the rivers and creeks, but also to help the population of trout spawning in our waterways.