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Desy Wolfe ( Ireland )

by Zpey # |

Zpey Ambassador & fishing enthusiast with 25+ years fishing experience on Irish rivers, living in co.Down in the north of Ireland i can travel quite easily to the north western coast, while also spoilt being so close to Ireland’s own Lough Neagh Dollaghan. Averaging between 50/70 days/night fishing each season, primary target being Salmon, often later season Dollaghan and ocasional Sea Trout fishing.

Most visited would be river Drowes, river Moy and river Mourne for salmon

Ballyshannon and Moy estuary’s for Sea Trout & Lough Neagh tributes for Dollaghan

I enjoy exploring new waters and love every opportunity getting out and meeting other anglers

Favourite setup by far has been :

  • Zpey Ztealth 13,5” #9, Zen reel 8/10, Zilk compact zhooting heads