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Per Gylling Hansen

by Youfront Collaborator |


Zpey designer and Certified Danish Angling Guide, lecturer and teacher in flyfishing. +30 years of fishing and about 80-100 trips a year.  As a part of the designer team in Zpey, I have my main focus on lines and rods for coastal seatrout, Pike gear and the lighter salmon gear, lines, reels and our Zwitch rods to our 13,5 foot Ztealth rods

I have been fishing all around the world, New Zealand, Alaska, Australia ect. and sevel weeks in Norway every year, but I am deadly in love with the fishing in Denmark. I have fished almost every species but especially salmon, seatrout and pikefishing is a big part of me.

My home rivers in Denmark are for salmon, river Skjern and River Karup for seatrout. I am also so lucky to live in a country with at lot of coastline, where I am chasing mindfulness and silver seatrouts. In the wintertime I also flyfish for giant pikes in Danish lakes.

Favorite gear setups are :

  • Salmon: Ztealth Zwitch 11´ 18 gram rod, Phantom Reel 8/9, Zpey Zpeedline runningline and Hybrid heads with polyleaders. And Ztealth 13´ 23 gram rod, Zen reel 8/10,  zpeedline and Zkagit light heads.  
  • Seatrout in rivers: Ztealth Zwitch 10´ 16-18 gram, Phantom reel 6/7 and  Zhooter WF line.
  • Seatrout at the coast:  Zalt 9´ 16-18 gram rod, Epsilon 6/9 reel,  Zpeedline runningline 32lb and  zalt minitip head with an intermidiate polyleader.
  • Pike: Hybrid Heads and zpeedline, Epsilon reel 6/9  – rod. Currently working on a brand new rod that definitely will be my favorite rod in the future.