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Per K. Pedersen

by Zpey # |

Zpey Director and infected with a lifelong passion for fishing. It all started when my father toke me fishing 6 years old. Everytime I cross a river, lake or coast i wonder what and how i can catch whats in it. As i now have the job of my dreams, i have started to get salmonized and especially the mighty Gaula river in Norway is in my mind 24/7/365. Danish seatrouts, pikes and salmon is also high on the priority list when work allows it. 

My favorite setups are :

  • Zpey Ztealth 13,5” #9, Zen reel 8/10, Zpey Zpeed line and Zkagit light heads/ hybrid heads
  • Ztealth 11,9” #6, Phantom Reel 8/9, Zpey coated runningline and Zkagit light heads
  • Zpey Zalt 9" #7, Phantom 6/7 and minitip zhooting heads.