This rod has been designed for light summer fishing with small flies, shirt sleeves and delicate presentations. The length of the rod provides major advantages when reeds and grass make it difficult to reach the edge. This is a rod for everyone who loves feather-light fishing for big, strong fish in an elegant yet effective manner. Perhaps the most delicate two-hand rod in the world.
One of the lightest two-hand rods on the market, providing magnificent casts from as little as 20 gram. The rod features wonderful balance, which makes even the longest day’s fishing a pure delight from start to finish. The length of the rod makes it a superb all-rounder for large rivers, where long, delicate casts with small and medium-sized flies are the order of the day. In combination with the 23-gram Zpey hybrid shooting head, this rod provides a fishing experience that words alone cannot describe – you simply have to try it for yourself!
This is the perfect all-rounder if you want just a single rod for all your salmon and trout fishing expeditions. It is light and well balanced, and has a medium/fast action. No matter whether you are fishing in the quiet rivers of Norway, or tackling a windy day on the water in Denmark, this rod takes it all in its stride. The perfect tool for medium-coarse fishing, providing true fishing enjoyment in all situations.
In 2017, we expanded the Ztealth family to include this salmon rod for true aficionados. The rod unites length, casting potential and feather-light presentations of small flies over big distances. A rod that is extremely popular among anglers who love to fish lightly and delicately, while maintaining a large action radius. This rod casts over remarkably long distances, considering it is sending just 23 grams on its way. At the same time, the 13-footer handles all kinds of situations in the summer, where the mush extends a long way out into the river. With a total length of just 76 cm, this is the perfect choice for an all-round travelling salmon rod.
All-round rod – long model. Depending on the actual fishing situation, it may be more rewarding to use a longer or shorter rod. This long all-rounder gives you extra casting length and improved control of your fly at long distances.
Are you a fan of big salmon, big flies and big rivers? And do you like fishing with short heads and maintaining optimal control of your fly? If so, please allow us to introduce the latest addition to our popular Ztealth range. The Ztealth 12' # 10 can handle pretty much everything, and is our candidate for the best possible rod for those days when the wind is blowing strongly, keeping most anglers indoors at home. With compact heads weighing 30–34 grams, we promise you that you will always be able to reach the salmon. The short length of the rod makes it less sensitive to the effects of strong winds.
If you’re looking to cast as far as possible, this is the rod you want in your hands. It is a light rod with a progressive, deep action that makes it both pleasant and fun to fish with – even when fishing in the summer for small and medium-sized salmon. This rod is built for long lines and long casts and will quickly become your favourite if you’re looking to fish in spots that are otherwise out of reach.

The first time we tried this rod, we knew we were on to something. The result is this range of parabolic actioned rods with great depth in their performances. Ztealth is the perfect blend of design and materials for big fish. You fish with increased precision and feeling at all distances. One of the smoothest series for double-handed fishing on the market, Zpey Ztealth truly allows you to put the fly exactly where you want it without thinking.

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